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Buyers’ Guide:

For EbbStone Real Estate Co., our customers are our biggest asset and point of focus. We are not a profit-making real-estate consultancy service. Instead, our mission is to guide, and handhold our clients through this whole process of finding and attaining the property of their dreams. We strive with our clients each step along the way to take them through and make them understand the intricacies of property investment and finding the right fit for them both financially and aesthetically.

Hence, once you have arrived at a definite decision of taking that leap and buying a property for sale in Dubai, the process that EbbStone Real Estate Co. follows next is to tread through all the legal and financial stumbling blocks with you and finally land at the best-customized solution for you to invest in.

This is certainly no revelation that finding and investing in the property of your dreams is one of the most profound and critical decisions people make in their lives. Thus, the frailty of this life decision makes it all the more significant for a Real-Estate guide and broker like us to exert all our research and hard work into finding the most apt and befitting property for our clients, devote the best of our advisors to find the perfect fruit-bearing solutions and make them feel totally at ease and confident of their decision.

Initial Steps:

In this digital age, it is a general tendency around the world that people do all their prior research and pre-categorize all of their meticulously hand-picked and considered options upon different parameters of requirements. They tend to create such mental lists of Yes and Noes for these shortlisted options and then weigh them upon their suitability for them. But, the reality of the matter is quite different. In an industry like Real-Estate, one needs to understand a great deal of ‘between the lines’ intricacies and this is where our Experts and Advisors come to play. These are the people who have studied and experimented several years within this industry and know the ins and outs of all such investment delicacies.

Hence, it is extremely important for you, our clients, to speak your heart to your Advisors and Agents so that they can fully understand and evaluate your core requirements and then strive in the same direction investing their maximum to come up with the best pick for you.

Having said that, it shall also be kept in mind that sometimes during this whole period, our Experts and Advisors start understanding your vague vision with such clarity that they might jot out a completely different option for you. This property option may not be in your check-list but is so coherent with your personality and requirements that you instantly start liking it more than every other previously shortlisted one. This is where you need to sit back and relax because these Experts of the Trade are trained and equipped to find you the best deal – whether or not it is a part of your initial Wishlist.

At EbbStone Real Estate Co., we have invested in state-of-the-art digital and smart platforms to make this hustle of Property Investment all the more Organized, Intelligent and Simplified. Our high-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems store all your prerequisites and requirements for buying Properties and then intelligently keep on generating all such customized options for you out of our Databases for Properties for Sale in Dubai and match you with the best options.

Furthermore, we do not just leave you at that, with the insights of our RERA certified Expert Agents orchestrate you in the right direction covering all the prime areas in Dubai suitable for Investment. However, along with this whole procedure, your point of contact remains the same allocated broker as he is the one commanding and overseeing this entire mode of action for you.

Having said that, we, at Ebbstone Real-Estate, are all a close-knitted family of Experts working in full coalition and coherence with each other to derive the best most perfect solutions for our clients. Our Team is a tight one and this is the reason, one Expert, when given a case, shares the details with all his fellow Experts so that if they have any valuable insight into it, they can be of aid too. The final result of it all translates into us quoting fair market prices, understanding our customers’ requirements and then arriving at a highly negotiated customized deal for them with the Property Market.

You’re in the Right Hands:

Many a time, we come across customers that are non-cash buyers and such clients have no idea of the right channel to go through and find lenders for this property investment. Therefore, worry not! With EbbStone Real Estate Co., you’re in the right hands. In addition to being Expert Property Investment Advisors, we also possess liaisons with some highly practiced and professional independent mortgage brokers who can guide you towards the right choice of lenders e.g. Banks who can finance you up to a certain level for this investment depending on your professional status and financial obligations. However, in terms of an international transaction where the international transfer of funds is required, EbbStone Real Estate Co. can direct you to our trustable Currency Exchange Partners who can advise you of the best ways to conduct it.

Totally Transparent Transactions:

EbbStone Real Estate Co. has established a very strong and transparent reputation within the Property Market of Dubai due to its explicit and clear-cut contracts. We do not believe in beating around the bush and reading between the lines. Our contracts are extremely transparent with no hidden terms or underlying clauses and thus, it is this clarity of terms that have helped us ensure completely ethical and fair agreements with our clientele till date.

Sign on the Dotted Line:

Our Sellers Guide outlines the entire process of buying property in Dubai. However, before signing on that contract’s dotted line, it is extremely important for the client to know and understand about the Target Purchase Price & all the Anticipated Costs associated with the property. As a client, you will need a suitable deposit based on your professional and financial standing, purchase price and amount (if any) of other properties owned by you in Dubai – the current minimum lending criteria is 75% LTV; 50% for off-plan purchases. A transfer fee must also be paid, currently 4% of the purchase price, and you may be liable for developer NOC charges, though it is usually taken care of by the seller. Other one-off fees include: agency commissions – the industry standard is 2%; Land Department or trustee office – AED 4,000 plus AED 580 (villa/apartment/office); mortgage registration – 0.25% of the loan amount plus AED 290; and bank/mortgage broker arrangement or set-up charges, which vary. There are also other ongoing fees to consider: maintenance; annual utility deposits – AED 2,000 (apartments) and AED 4,000 (villas); costs of utility consumption; and monthly mortgage payments.

As of January 2018, fees are subject to 5% VAT.