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Landlord’s Guide:

EbbStone Real Estate Co. has mentioned it time and again that as stressful and weary finding and investing in the property is, lending or selling your hard-earned investment or property is a different struggle altogether. Whether it is for a short period of time or forever, handing over your beloved property to someone is a major decision and it takes into account an umpteen number of considerations. Thus, worry not! EbbStone Real Estate Co. is here to help you through this too. Hundreds and thousands of clients come up to us every year with a single concern at hand: How to ensure that they are choosing the right tenant for their property? How to make sure that the tenant will take the same care of their property as they do? How to assure that it would not all be some fraudulent scheme? These and many other justified inquisitions. What brings these clients to EbbStone Real Estate Co is their unwavering trust in our service and advice.

You’re in the Right Hands:

At EbbStone Real Estate Co. we understand how stressful it can be for our clients if they end up with the wrong person as their tenant or if their tenant ends up doing more damage to their property than any good. Hence, this is why our Expert and Professional agents set out in search of the best fit for such landlords from the word Go and make sure that it turns out as a fruitful experience for both; the tenant as well as the landlord.

Owing to our extensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, we keep track of large databases that possess elaborate information on potential clients and suitable fits for you. Our seasoned Experts make sure no time is wasted and your property doesn’t stay vacant for a long time hindering your large returns on investment.

As we have mentioned it over and over, EbbStone Real Estate Co. has an extensive referral dynamic as it is our beloved client who spread a good word of mouth for us and this is why our Agents enjoy quite a versatile repute within the industry. Hence, it then becomes all the more convenient for us to expedite this whole process of setting out to find and eventually find the right choice of tenant for you.

EbbStone Real Estate Co. – The Perfect Platform:

All our Agents are highly qualified and RERA certified and qualified individuals and they completely understand the market dynamics of this region. It is because of this reason that they find you the best most competitive rental rates and also consult to the pre-existing tenants’ database evaluating people who are on a lookout for property and if your apartment or villa corresponds to their needs so that they can take them on viewings even before your property has been listed out publicly making this entire process fast and reliable.

Once we have found you the perfect tenant, we heave a sigh of relief. Thus, leave all the hustle to us and just relish the bliss of finding the right people for you.