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 Mortgage Services:

A place like Dubai is no less than a global hub. With thousands of expatriates and multitudes of nationalities residing within the region, it becomes all the more important that standard service is provided to each and everyone without any prejudices or distinction. When it comes to Mortgage Services within the region, EbbStone Real Estate Co. also believes in following and providing the same neutral and inequitable standardized service to its clients. Hence, be it a resident, an expatriate or a local individual, EbbStone Real Estate Co. is your one-stop solution.

The decision of buying a home or investing in one is an amalgamation of many stimulators all acting up together contributing to this paramount commitment. For some, these stimulators are purely financial, for some purely emotional, while for some, it is a hotch-potch of both. Thus, it is very important that this decision is taken with all sincerity, research, and contentment from the clients’ as well as from the Agents’ side. This is the reason why our qualified Agents & Advisors are always walking in the clients’ shoes and assuming things from the receiving end of it.

EbbStone Real Estate Co. offers unparalleled Mortgage Services in Dubai. In a metropolis like Dubai, Mortgaging comes with a lot of complications and intricacies and this where we come into play. Treading past all these requirements, formalities and complications, we lead our clients towards their future of making a stress-free investment.

Interest rates, amount of borrowing, working with a mortgage broker or directly with a bank, costs, freehold versus leasehold, sharia mortgages, early redemption fees, fixed or variable products are a few of those hundreds of complications that property mortgage in Dubai brings with it. But EbbStone Real Estate Co. takes it all under its shadow and does all the work for you. We have been in the market for 15 years now and hold a respectable reputation to our names owing to our superior services and our valuable clients’ testimonials over the years. Therefore, we assure extremely convenient Mortgage Services to our clients and are undoubtedly the specialized leaders in the market in this aspect.