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Property Management:

The process of buying or attaining a Property in Dubai or even elsewhere in the world doesn’t just end there. Property Investment is a continual procedure and has to be followed through for effective Ownership and Maintenance concerns. But do not stress, EbbStone Real Estate Co. does not leave you mid-way. Instead, we hand-hold you through it all and make sure that we are an active part of this continuous process, hence, building a life-long relationship of trust with our valued clients.

Things like General Maintenance, Repairs, Cleaning, as well as various Administrative hustles can make this whole process of Buying and Retaining a property quite weary. This is where EbbStone Real Estate Co comes into play and gently takes it all away from your mind for you to just relax and relish your life-long investment with no stress.

We have a personalized Property Management system for all our clients in Dubai that is a stress-free way to look after and be in charge of the maintenance of your villas or apartments. In addition to being a perfect solution for people living inside Dubai, this Property Management feature is a very helpful one for people living outside of Dubai too. Strangled within the complexities of their day to day busy lives, it becomes all the more strenuous for them to look after the maintenance of their investments all the time. Thus, EbbStone Real Estate Co. understands all such implications well and has designed this time-saving easy solution for this clients.

Whether it is marketing your home, finding suitable tenants, administrative requirements, collecting payments, leasing inspections, cleaning, repairs, and ensuring compliance with the latest regulations, our highly trained professionals and market knowers do it all for you effortlessly.

Amidst all this, EbbStone Real Estate Co. ensures you are on the same page with us. For this, we keep our clients updated of all the ongoing advancements and processes through formal communication as well as provide them with the contact details for a specific person assigned to guide them through everything.