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Tenants Guide

Tenants Guide:

One thing that is quite evident is that Dubai is a major global destination and is an accrual of various different nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. With hundreds and thousands of people flowing in every year in search of a better lifestyle and professional opportunities, it has become all the more important to accommodate hoards and hordes of such people and that is the reason that real-estate in Dubai still stands tall shining bright and sparkly. Despite having so many options around them, tenants often struggle with finding and choosing the right property for them to stay in. It is because the market is full of fake listings, unprofessional self-proclaimed agents and misguiding platforms disseminating fallacious information and ill-advising people around.

Thus, this is the very reason that EbbStone Real Estate Co. came up with an added value provision of offering authentic and honest advice to its customers and guiding them through the whole process of finding and investing in the right property that suits their needs and of their families. Our industry trained and seasoned Experts and Agents ensure that they fully understand your needs and preferences and then set out on a lookout for properties conforming to those standards and priorities.

Renting through EbbStone Real Estate Co is all the more stress-free and easier because we literally hand-hold our clients from the very first step of viewing the property to scrutinizing it thoroughly and then eventually moving into it. Thus, whether it is an apartment, villa or condominium you are looking for, our Expert agents find the right fits for you through their networks and our advanced CRM systems and then list down all the plausible options for you.

Hence, everything from signing contracts, documentation, deposits, etc. are all taken care of by EbbStone Real Estate Co. for its clients. Being an industry leader and a reputable name in the market for so many years now, we take immense pride in being 100% authentic and providing nothing but the most genuine of offerings to our clients. So, one thing that you can be sure of is that EbbStone Real Estate Co. is all original and honest with no fake listings or number games hidden motives to underplay.

Our RERA certified Agents make use of our highly equipped Smart Digital Systems and assure that they save both – your time as well as theirs. Therefore, all the properties falling in the close neighborhood can be seen during a single viewing visit itself, instead of multiple visits and confusions. In addition to helping you find the right property, our expert agents also make sure that you are well-informed of the surrounding facilities, the community and the amenities to your rented property and that you take all such cohesive consideration into account before arriving in an absolute decision too.

You’re in the Right Hands:

EbbStone Real Estate Co. is all ears to you. The very first thing that we do is to listen to you. Once we are fully confident of knowing what is it that you need and seek from us, we then present you with an elaborate account of all that we can offer you. We do not believe in beating around the bush and making any hidden commissions. Once we are on the same page with you in terms of your requirements, preferences, budget, etc. we insert all such details into our CRM systems which then coils out all the plausible results coinciding with your requirements and it is then that we take you through all the properties.

Our smart databases generate highly compliant results and thus, we handover all the lists as it is to our clients for viewing. Hence, once the client has arrived at a decision on which property to rent, our Agents take them through the entire rental process of understanding what documents are required? How much do they have to pay initially? Etc. In addition to this, we also deal with Before and after signing contracts, we offer help and advice with removals, furniture, EJARI registration, DEWA set-up, and currency transfers, if required. Thus, choose peace, choose us!

As of January 2018